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    With our cleaning services in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, and Oakville you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

    House Cleaning Services Brampton

    Regular cleaning will be done within the prescribed time period. Cleaning will be done on a daily basis, with the last scheduled cleaning scheduled on the given date. And if you need more time, for more days, you can contact us for more details on the time and date of the scheduled cleaning. There is a minimum charge for cleaning at any of our regular cleaning services. For Household Members, we take care of cleaning your home when it is vacant. Our cleaning service will ensure that all your belongings are cleaned clean without any waste.

    Office Cleaning Services Brampton

    We invite you to experience our largest range of office and janitorial services in Brampton! From bathroom cleaning to detail cleaning, cosmetic and carpet cleaning. These services will instantly make your office or home look amazing and clean like you want it to look. The choice is yours with Misty Maids cleaning in Brampton.Misty Maids will improve the quality of your residential, commercial, industrial, or military building environment and make it shine! We offer a wide arrage of popular janitorial services including floor cleaning & detailing of office spaces, restaurants & hotels.

    Condo Cleaning Services in Brampton

    Operating in Brampton since 1989, we have been providing excellent residential cleaning services. Located at 445 Main Street West, we specialize in high-end residential cleaning and maintenance of both new and existing condominiums. Founded in 1991, we currently operate over 300 properties across the GTA and Quebec. We provide a full range of residential cleaning services, including home improvement & landscape cleaning services. We take pride in being one of the few professional cleaning contractors that also specializes in general maintenance of condominiums.

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    • Advanced cleaning technology
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    • Green cleaning techniques safe for children and pets
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    Floor & Carpet Cleaning in Brampton

    At Cleaning Brampton our janitorial teams & floor cleaning experts will be pleased to assist you with all of your floor & carpet cleaning needs. In keeping with the Green ethos of this site, all of our services are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-discriminatory and transparent in terms of pricing, scheduling and clean-up. All of our equipment is eco-friendly and very low-maintenance. Our professional janitorial team can accommodate your needs, whether your in need of a hard floor cleaning or carpet cleaning. In addition to hard floor cleaning, we are also happy to clean the carpet. We keep all clean throughout the program, whether it's carpet removal, cleaning, adding papered seams, wiping, pressing, wrapping or applying carpet rubberizer. And, we are happy to wax your hardwood floors. If you are concerned about the impact carpet cleaning will have on your home, we can explain the beauty of linoleum and the ecological benefits of natural (non-toxic) floor cleaners. The best part is, we will give you the space and time to take your floor cleaning to the next level. Please feel free to visit us to learn more about floor cleaning services at Cleaning Brampton.

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    Reliable, Professional In-Home Maid Cleaning Services in Brampton


    We clean your home or office our way. At Cleaning Brampton , our professional cleaning services can  deliver you the very best experience in home cleaning in Brampton with professional in-home maid services that are dependable, reliable and trustworthy. We are at your call with fast and efficient cleaning services that are thorough and professional. Our customers love us and we know that we will be your family's go-to home cleaning solution. Why? Because we deliver (or request) your cleaning needs when and where you need it. Additionally, we keep your home clean and organized. Furthermore, we use all modern and proven cleaning tools to keep your home looking and feeling as good as new. Even so, we make your home look its best wherever you are, including your home when you're away. To conclude, we are efficient, prompt and on time - whichever is most convenient for you. We always come to you as promised, ready to make your home or office shine!

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    Best Home, Condo & Office Cleaning Services in Brampton

    From simple cleaning like the cleaning of counters, to detailing, our home cleaning reps are passionate about what they do and we'd be happy to serve you better in any situation. Making it simple to locate our Brampton cleaning services, whether you need a routine cleaning, or completely custom cleaning. Our professional home cleaning services in Brampton are highly recommended. It is time to stop paying for unwanted messes and be reminded that you're staying dry, comfy and looking amazing for it. Enjoy easy, personalized customer service from our Brampton in-home maid cleaning service who make sure that all your duties are done efficiently and efficiently. How Does Our Cleaning Services Work? Our in-home maids are flexible and creative enough to get the job done. At Cleaning Brampton we aim to get you all the details before, during and after the cleaning job. There is no hard and fast estimate until we thoroughly assess your needs. Nothing can be done in haste but we will be flexible and come to your place at your convenience. What are you waiting for?

    Getting Started with Cleaning Brampton.

    We offer two options for recurring cleaning services. First is a regular recurring house cleaning service. This means that it will be done on a monthly basis and will be scheduled for about a week in advance. For customers who can schedule their weekly cleaning days, this is great because it reduces the number of cleaning occasions. Secondly, there is a weekly or on demand weekly cleaning service. This means that the service will be performed on a weekly basis. For customers who are happy to schedule their cleaning services regularly, this is excellent for customers who live in a condo complex or apartments. We do our best to complete our on demand weekly cleaning services in two to three days, depending on the client’s availability & request.

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    Our Brampton home cleaning & condo cleaning team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to make your home feel fresh again. We will make your home an inviting place for family and friends to visit, with no need to schedule appointments. We will provide you with high quality services that make your home safe, comfortable and inviting to enjoy. Our Mississauga home cleaning team is committed to providing quality home cleaning services for the highest quality of customer service to all our customers. We will always be there for our customers during our cleanings to ensure that they are getting the service that they deserve. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers with excellent customer service. Our team of highly trained cleaning professionals are here to provide a pleasant clean environment. We can take care of your home cleaning needs when you can't.